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Linking In

Stanford Safety Training Requirements

Go through the Endy Lab Training form with the current lab safety coordinator (Atri Choksi). Make sure to:

Our lab meeting point in case of an emergency is in the plaza behind Coupa Cafe.

Endy Lab Training

Building and Lab Access

After you get an ID card,

There is a keycard access point on the courtyard side of the red atrium. You will need your card after 6PM weekdays and all weekend. Additionally, keycard access is required in the elevator and the stairway door in the red atrium for after-hours security. Please, never leave the building or stairwell doors propped open on weekends.

This door can be a problem for the newcomer! If you are having trouble opening the door, you are probably pushing down on the handle too quickly after entering the code. Listen carefully for the lock noise or try counting ONE, TWO, then Turn handle down. Wait for it to reset if you have to retry.

Ordering Supplies

Endy lab ordering is a community effort.

Glassware, Culture Tubes, Washroom Info and Autoclave Directions

Glassware is located in B07B. Culture Tubes are located above the ice machine in the washroom, B07A, two sizes are available.


Tuesdays, Julie makes LB and/or LB Agar; both are kept in the cabinet in the chemical room, B07B; batches are coded. Agar can be melted in the microwave. Ask someone with experience about the settings. If you want to keep the Agar molten so you can pour plates, there is a water bath, by the wall in bay C (Ariel). Turn it on when needed and turn off when not in use to avoid evaporation. There are also ring weights for the flask necks there. Recipes and prep follow.